We have two secure upload websites available, one primary and one backup. If one server is not working, that means that one of our internet connections is down, please try the other one. We recommend using the Primary server unless it is not working.

Primary: https://secureupload1.wilsonharris.com/
Backup: https://wilson.bigfilesync.com/wilsonharris/

Some notes regarding our security policies:
These file upload servers allow you to upload files directly to our office in Boise, not to any cloud service. We use TLS/SSL secure connections so that everything is encrypted while in transit.

We have two redundant servers, each running on one of our two internet connections. These servers only allow file uploads, they do not allow file downloads for security reasons.

The intereface is kept simple since they are there for one purpose, to allow you to securely upload files without using an insecure method (such as email). Complex systems are harder to properly secure and maintain.